Our Guarantee

We know quality is important, and that’s why our socks go through such an intensive selection process before being delivered to our subscribers. In fact, we’re so confident about it that we’re guaranteeing the quality!quality guarantee stamp

When you buy a subscription at Club Sock, every single pair of socks you receive will automatically be guaranteed for 3 or 6 months, depending on which subscription you purchased (3 months for value subscription, 6 months for everything else).

That means that if under normal wear and tear your socks develop a problem, then we’ll replace them immediately!

If you detect a fault with your socks, just send us a message using the contact page, or your priority subscriber email address. We’ll give you details on what to do next.


Here’s a few details about the guarantee:

  1. Value subscriptions come with a 3 month guarantee. Sock subscription and block subscriptions products come with a 6 month guarantee.
  2. The guarantee begins from the day of despatch of the individual socks. Each pair of socks come with their own guarantee.
  3. You should notify us immediately when you detect a issue with the sock. Continued use of a faulty sock may invalidate the guarantee.
  4. Replacement socks continue under the original guarantee and do not come with a new guarantee.
  5. We ask you to send us the faulty socks for inspection after contacting us. Return postage should be paid for by the subscriber, and in certain circumstances may be reimbursed if a claim is successful.
  6. Socks will only be replaced if the fault has occurred through reasonable wear and tear. We regret to inform you that we cannot replace socks that have been used for sock monkey purposes.
  7. We monitor the use of the guarantee – any abuse of the system will result in termination of the guarantee, as it’s not fair on others!
  8. We reserve the right to withdraw the guarantee programme at any time.