Frequently Asked Questions

About our Sock Subscriptions

What brands do you use?

Our most recent brands are shown on our home page and we regularly update this to show new brands that we have been using. A selection of brands that we have used are:

Happy Socks – a giant in the sock world. Full of colourful and ‘happy’ designs.

Richer Poorer – stylish socks from California that never fail to impress.

MrD London – a new sock brand making waves in London.

Pringle Socks – a classic brand with some subtle but stylish socks.

Sock Therapy – a european brand created to battle poorly made socks.

How do you pick socks for the Sock Subscription?

We only send the very best socks to our subscribers. To determine which socks are the very best, we put them through our rigorous selection process.

Firstly we look at the brand as a whole. We take into account things like brand reputation, focus and personality. Is this a brand that we would feel proud to wear out and about? Is the brand active and fun?

We then look at the selection of products available, looking at designs, quality and style amongst other things. A shortlist of our favourite socks from the successful brand is created and each sock on the shortlist is scored based on a number of factors. We score the socks on things like design, colours, materials etc. As an example, socks made from 80% combed cotton will score more points than socks made from 20% combed cotton.

The socks that scored the highest are then selected and a little bit of magic then happens before they arrive on your door step in the coming months!

Is your subscription for Men or Women?

Our socks are unisex designs. In the sock world, when a sock refers to ‘Male’ or ‘Female’ it generally defines the size of the sock – typically male socks are larger and female socks are smaller. We’ll never send out socks that are clearly aimed at a particular gender, so our subscription is open to just about everyone!

Can I see pictures of the socks?

Have a snoop around our website and you’ll find some sneaky pictures of socks we’ve sent out in the past. Follow us on social media too for some great pictures, and if you’re already a subscriber then you can send us pics of the socks you received!

If you’re looking for pictures of socks that are coming out in future months, then STOP RIGHT THERE! Future socks are top secret, confidential information and cannot be revealed until they have been released!


Tell me about delivery?

We use Royal Mail to deliver our amazing socks around the UK, all 1st class. Once you have subscribed, please allow at least a week to receive your socks. If they’ve not appeared by then, shout at us and we’ll fix it!

All of our socks have a return address for undeliverable items. If we receive your socks back as they were undeliverable, then we’ll get in contact with you to organise a refund or redelivery.

Our socks are sent out in branded envelopes designed to fit straight through a standard letter box so you won’t need to wait in.

Can I return socks I don’t like?

Part of the fun of sock subscriptions is not knowing what you’re going to get. At present, we can’t accept returns for unwanted socks as it makes it unviable for us to keep the subscription at a great price. We encourage you to try the socks for a few days – we’re certain that they’ll grow on you!

There’s a hole in my sock!

All of our socks are quality checked before being sent out. In the unlikely event that you do receive a pair of faulty socks, please contact us and we’ll arrange for an exchange.

Can you deliver the first pair to me, then the second to a different address?

Certainly! When it comes to buying our subscriptions as a gift, many people want the first pair to be delivered to them so they can personally give the socks to the lucky recipient on the big day. Simply change the ‘deliver first box to’ dropdown at the checkout.


Where do you deliver?

We’re currently conquering the boring socks of the UK at the moment, but when we introduce world wide shipping we’ll be sure to let everyone know!

Managing your Subscription

I want to change my delivery address

You can do so by logging into your account and changing it from there. Alternatively ping us a message from the email address you used to sign up and we’ll get it sorted!

How do I cancel?

Simply log into your account and hit cancel! We’ll be sorry to see you go 🙁

How do I change my details?

Anything you need to change can be accessed by logging into My Account. If you get any problems just send us a message and we’ll be able to sort it out!

Paying for a subscription

My monthly payment failed… what do I do now?

Sometimes subscription payments fail – there can be a number of reasons:

  • The card you signed up with has now expired.
  • You’ve invested too much money in your beer belly and there’s no money left in your account.
  • An error in the transaction process.

You can change your card details by logging into your account. If you get into any problems, just let us know! We’ll help you get it sorted and check you’ve not overpaid.

How can I pay?

Monthly Subscriptions

You can sign up for these and pay through out website. Our website has SSL security (the URL starts with HTTPS://) and we use Stripe to process payment details – one of the biggest and most popular payment providers for e-commerce websites.

Once you’ve signed up, Stripe will charge your card each month and we’ll send out your socks. You can cancel at any time.

Pay upfront subscriptions

These can be paid for through our website or through PayPal. Either is fine! Once you have made the initial payment, we do not make any further charges.

Still got a question?

There’s always one! Just send us a message or email [email protected]