Christmas Gift Subscription


This really is the christmas gift that keeps on giving!

We've tweaked our classic sock subscription so it's perfect as a Christmas gift for any sock lover. Simply make your purchase now and we'll deal with the rest – see below for details on how it will work.

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Please note the shipping deadline has now passed, however you can still place an order – we’ll dispatch ASAP but it may arrive after the big day. If so, please make use of our gift certificate!

A sock subscription is the perfect christmas gift that just keeps on giving! The recipient will receive a pair of brand new, top quality socks every single month for the duration of the subscription. We carefully select socks from world famous brands to unique boutique brands and only the best socks in their range will make it to our subscribers. And best of all, we can guarantee you’ll never receive the same pair twice!

Order a subscription
Pick the subscription length and purchase the subscription as normal. Remember to enter the recipient’s delivery address on the checkout section.
18 December 2017
We’ll send out all of the Christmas subscriptions on this date to ensure they arrive by the big day. There will be a note saying not to open until Christmas Day!
And the story continues…
The recipient will continue to receive a different pair of top quality socks around the 19th of each month for the duration of the subscription!

What’s in the box?

With the Christmas gift subscription, the first pair of socks will come in a plain box with a note inside explaining Club Sock, the length of the subscription and your name. No payment details are included. The subsequent pairs will be posted directly to the recipient in our Club Sock branded envelopes.our subscription box

About the socks…

SizeOne size – generally size 7-10 but can vary slightly depending on the brand.
MaterialDepends on the brand, but generally combed cotton or other quality material.
BrandAnything from Happy Socks, Richer Poorer, Pringle.. the list is endless!
StyleColourful, fun and stylish! We’ll never send any of those cheesy novelty socks.

Countdown to Christmas


Order now to guarantee your place – simply select your subscription length above and hit ‘Add to Basket’.

Have a great Christmas 🙂

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